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First Responder Emergency Care & CPR Courses


Course Description:


This 7-hour specialized course is designed for the emergency rescue personnel and K9 handler that would respond to emergencies where there would be an injured K9 or a civilian pet.  This course includes practical classroom style education as well as hands-on instruction, demonstrations and scenario specific training using live, Trauma Fx simulator K9 Valor, cadaver dogs, and model dogs.  


The Operational K9 Medical Team will hold classes around the State of Wisconsin at various Technical Colleges.  Please message us through this website our or Facebook page for information on where our classes are currently being held.

Lecture topics and hands-on instruction include:  

  • Physical Examination and handling of the healthy K9

  • Physical Examination and handling of the injured K9

  • Wound Care: facial lacerations, eye & paw injuries

  • Immobilization/Bandaging 

  • Triage, shock, pain, heat stroke

  • CPR - RECOVER BLS & ALS /scenario drills

  • Introduction to Hemorrhage control

  • Oxygen administration

  • Naloxone administration

  • Review of First Aid kits and recommendation of supplies 

  • Heat Stroke recognition and treatment

  • Major trauma overview

  • Illicit drug exposure in the working K9

  • Toxicology 

  • Intubation (cadaver)

  • Hemorrhage control

  • IV catheters and fluid resuscitation as well as intraosseous catheter placement (cadaver)

  • Recognizing pneumothorax, needle decompression, and chest tube placement (cadaver)

  • Gastric dilation volvulus (bloat) management in the field including trocarization (cadaver)

  • Review of First Aid kits and recommendation of supplies 

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