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First Responder Emergency Care & CPR Courses


K9 Refresher

This K9 course is for K9 handlers and first responders that have already received the basic and the advanced skills course.  This will be a 1-2 hour refresher incorporating the handlers and their K9s.   No lecture format.

K9 Point Of Injury Care

This 3-4 hour course teaches basic information on point of injury care of Operational K9s in the field.  This course is a lecture and hands on based course.  This course is required for all courses.


K9 Point Of Injury Care Advanced Skills

This advanced 2 hour course combines basic and advanced point of injury medical care for the Operational K9.  This course is for first responders, K9 handlers and other medical paraprofessionals.  This course will also utilize our K9 simulator.



"How Can I Help?"

Volunteers, financial donations, veterinary supplies, you name it we need it! If you would like to make a specific donation to our blood typing project, transportation van, courses or medical equipment please specify!
Contact us to learn about volunteering