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First Responder Emergency Care & CPR Courses


K9 Refresher

This K9 course is for K9 handlers that have already received the basic and the advanced training courses.  This will be a 1-2 hour refresher with the handlers and their K9s at our new location; Apple Valley Veterinary Clinic.  No lecture format.

K9 Point Of Injury Care Basic

This 3-4 hour course teaches basic information on point of injury care of Operational K9s in the field.  This course is a lecture and hands on based course.


K9 Point Of Injury Care Advanced

This advanced 7-hour course combines basic and advanced point of injury medical care for the Operational K9.  This course is for first responders, K9 handlers and other medical paraprofessionals.



"How Can I Help?"

Volunteers, financial donations, veterinary supplies, you name it we need it! If you would like to make a specific donation to our blood typing project, transportation van, courses or medical equipment please specify!
Contact us to learn about volunteering